Wednesday, March 11, 2009

socks + thongs

socks and thongs. it looks wrong, so wrong. but you know, it works. i'm always wearing socks around inside and inevitably i need to go outside a hundred times a day.. i need something from the studio.. have to bring the washing in (yes from the iconic hills hoist).. forgot to get the other something from the studio i went out to get the first time... need the gardening gloves from the shed.. water the tomatoes, etc etc and who has time to stop and put real shoes on? i think i might ask kingsley to sew a split in all my socks to allow for thongage... unless anyone knows where i can buy socks with a thong allowance??


  1. who is this kingsley ... ? is he your butler?

  2. japan! the japanese are all over the separate big toe sock, i tell ya. while you're over there, pick me up some fabric...

  3. ha ha yes i am the butler!!

  4. sorry i didnt see this earlier, here is the answer to your problems!
    i bought some and they are fantastic!


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