Thursday, April 30, 2009


long time, no blog. i know, i know. just watched a great film. such a visual feast. love the scene with all the red phones. i have one just like them. beautiful little piggy :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

faux bois

faux bois. a little bit fun. a little bit captain kk love. i may or may not have paid quite a pricey amount (damn the falling - who am i kidding - fallen - australian dollar and tricky etsy usd prices!) on my faux bois tree stump, door stop, but i do love it so. and what would the husband have to tease me about if my life was without it??

when i spotted this faux bois phone in the april real living mag (page 61) i almost fainted with desire! well perhaps that's a slight dramatisation, but when my eyes hit the page i immediately focused in on it like a hawk. not that i even have a home phone.. does anyone anymore? but jeepers it would look good on my desk.

my first faux bois purchase would have been the furni desk clock i bought for the husband from via alley a few years ago for christmas. he received a clock and i received a beautiful black rado watch that i treasure every time i wear it.. hmmm it was that christmas i realised i needed to step up my gift giving :)

(the gorgeous prints behind the desk clock in the photo are from the latest dinosaur designs catalogue)

Monday, April 20, 2009

hello monday

starting the day at 4:45am is early. very early. i needed to give myself a little pep talk to welcome the (cold + foggy) new day and this is it. of course by the time i've managed to post this, it's a magnificent autumn day. magnolia.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

happy dog

went to collect the post from our post box this morning and this is the happy sight i saw when i looked up.. an old man on a bright red vespa taking his dog for a walk.. well more of a run... but this dog! this dog was the happiest puppy you have ever seen. smile.

Monday, April 13, 2009

happy easter

not much to say except that 4 days with 5t, muppet, hot cross buns + lots of chocolates = easter happiness. yum.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


although we're enjoying some sensational crisp + sunny autumn days here in melbourne, i'm starting to think about a new winter coat.. i mean, i can't really wear my white ski jacket again for a 3rd winter season.. it was meant for the ski slopes and it's time i retired it to the ski slopes.. i've got my peepers on this black trench by danefae and i'm thinking this could be the one. snug.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


oh my.. look what i found! ..can't wait to get myself down to american apparel on the weekend to snap one up. retail treasure.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

melbourne flower + garden show

my favourite design from the show was 'gardening by numbers' (above) by daniel tyrrell.. i loved it.. calm, modern + textural.. it achieved a really beautiful space.

i have always loved the idea of a fire pit 'conversation' area in a garden and noticed that it was popular amongst a few designs at the show. there is something fabulously 70s about it.. reminds me of the groovy reading pit in my primary school library back in the day. the photo above is of phillip johnson's 'habitat' design.

the garden above was inspired by escher and designed by james dawson so that "the design could be created and then rotated on to any side and continue to function".. i love a beautiful reflection pool in a garden, but this design had so much more.. notice the vertical + roof garden planting.

i liked a lot of the fleming's student designs, but i particularly thought this one (above) designed by matthew moore could be great for a small courtyard... gotta love the japanese feel to it + the multipurpose use of the timber blocks.

ok, i know this was a long post, but it could have been longer.. so many great ideas.. just thought i'd finish up with this photo of some gorgeous foilage.

Monday, April 6, 2009

a good weekend.. the last hurrah for kingsley + the captain

hmm.. just remembered kingsley took the photos on her camera..
(i'll post the photos that go with this post soon)

saturday morning arrived and so kingsley, muppet & i took ourselves off to hear lucy from the fabulous design files talk about her life in the creative lane as part of the creative women's circle organised by tess mccabe. i have to say that being in a room full of talented + creative types gave me such a warm + fuzzy feeling :) it was so nice to meet lucy and tess and i think it inspired us all to get blogging.

i started this blog as a way to feel like i still have some creative output while i'm at home with mirka and i'm really enjoying it.. i took mirka down to one of my building sites last week in the baby bjorn.. it was sooo fantastic to be back on site and see the project come to life. so much of architecture is spent in the planning, re-planning, talking, drawing, laughing, crying, meeting, negotiating etc that it is a small miracle to see something get built.. especially something you really like and have put a lot of creative energy in to. my good friend jacq (another archi) once said to me "don't the clients realise that it's our building that they're moving into?" and it's so true!

Friday, April 3, 2009

rainy day

it's a rainy rainy day.. i think it's one of life's luxuries to be cosy at home while it's bucketing down outside. it's a perfect day to buy some flowers or bake some yo yos, but i'm too lazy to do either. home.

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