Wednesday, April 22, 2009

faux bois

faux bois. a little bit fun. a little bit captain kk love. i may or may not have paid quite a pricey amount (damn the falling - who am i kidding - fallen - australian dollar and tricky etsy usd prices!) on my faux bois tree stump, door stop, but i do love it so. and what would the husband have to tease me about if my life was without it??

when i spotted this faux bois phone in the april real living mag (page 61) i almost fainted with desire! well perhaps that's a slight dramatisation, but when my eyes hit the page i immediately focused in on it like a hawk. not that i even have a home phone.. does anyone anymore? but jeepers it would look good on my desk.

my first faux bois purchase would have been the furni desk clock i bought for the husband from via alley a few years ago for christmas. he received a clock and i received a beautiful black rado watch that i treasure every time i wear it.. hmmm it was that christmas i realised i needed to step up my gift giving :)

(the gorgeous prints behind the desk clock in the photo are from the latest dinosaur designs catalogue)

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