Monday, April 6, 2009

a good weekend.. the last hurrah for kingsley + the captain

hmm.. just remembered kingsley took the photos on her camera..
(i'll post the photos that go with this post soon)

saturday morning arrived and so kingsley, muppet & i took ourselves off to hear lucy from the fabulous design files talk about her life in the creative lane as part of the creative women's circle organised by tess mccabe. i have to say that being in a room full of talented + creative types gave me such a warm + fuzzy feeling :) it was so nice to meet lucy and tess and i think it inspired us all to get blogging.

i started this blog as a way to feel like i still have some creative output while i'm at home with mirka and i'm really enjoying it.. i took mirka down to one of my building sites last week in the baby bjorn.. it was sooo fantastic to be back on site and see the project come to life. so much of architecture is spent in the planning, re-planning, talking, drawing, laughing, crying, meeting, negotiating etc that it is a small miracle to see something get built.. especially something you really like and have put a lot of creative energy in to. my good friend jacq (another archi) once said to me "don't the clients realise that it's our building that they're moving into?" and it's so true!

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  1. that's great that you can take mirka on site- soon her favourite colour will be charcoal grey instead of pink... xx J


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