Tuesday, April 7, 2009

melbourne flower + garden show

my favourite design from the show was 'gardening by numbers' (above) by daniel tyrrell.. i loved it.. calm, modern + textural.. it achieved a really beautiful space.

i have always loved the idea of a fire pit 'conversation' area in a garden and noticed that it was popular amongst a few designs at the show. there is something fabulously 70s about it.. reminds me of the groovy reading pit in my primary school library back in the day. the photo above is of phillip johnson's 'habitat' design.

the garden above was inspired by escher and designed by james dawson so that "the design could be created and then rotated on to any side and continue to function".. i love a beautiful reflection pool in a garden, but this design had so much more.. notice the vertical + roof garden planting.

i liked a lot of the fleming's student designs, but i particularly thought this one (above) designed by matthew moore could be great for a small courtyard... gotta love the japanese feel to it + the multipurpose use of the timber blocks.

ok, i know this was a long post, but it could have been longer.. so many great ideas.. just thought i'd finish up with this photo of some gorgeous foilage.

1 comment:

  1. love the deck that curves into the wall.
    and if you want a fire pit, why not have your very own 'brad pit' in the backyard...
    x jacq


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