Tuesday, May 26, 2009

hey hey i'm a winner!

i don't believe it! i'm a winner and right now i'm sitting here a grinner. i added a comment on black eiffel earlier this month and now i have one of these very clever flip & tumble shopping bags on the way. wondering what i wrote??

captain kk said...

how super-stylin :)
my make a difference mo was last xmas when i decided not to wrap everything in paper that would just be ripped and thrown out.. i invested in a few different sized white boxes that simply need a pretty ribbon tied around each of them. they looked beautiful under the tree and we will re-use them every birthday and xmas.

i'd like to think it was my clever idea that won it for me, but no, it was a randomly generated thing. still. lucky.


  1. I love 'em! I want one toooo.

  2. i think mama had a bag like this ... not nearly as stylish though

  3. nice one! those bags are neato.


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