Tuesday, May 26, 2009

night hostage

for months we've had a big garden orb spider living in the japanese maple next to the deck. he would hide during the day and throw a huge web between the tree and the house every night. he was so predictable, you could set your watch by him. basically, the deck was ours to use during the day, but you couldn't pay me enough to venture out there at night. so for all the months i was a night hostage in my own home, i kept meaning to go out and take a photo of his huge web, but never summoned up the courage. just when i was becoming comfortable with our little day & night dance, he up and disappeared and i missed my chance. just this morning i noticed a tiny spider web in our giant agave and here's the proof. today's ramblings reminded me of a beautiful post i had seen before and after much back tracking down the rabbit hole i found it...

from kris' color stripes (from wednesday april 1 2009).. i think it's a stunning photograph and i love how she extracts the essential colours like a paint sample board for a lush interior. alive.

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