Sunday, May 31, 2009

swear board chalk board

we started a swear board to encourage ourselves to be more aware of what we say in front of mirka. our friends recently looked after mirka so we could have a night out and it looks like it was a cracker! especially for steve.. although anyone who knows charlie may find the leader board a little suspicious!

i bought the chalk board from the moma store online a couple of years ago and i like the strap of elastic around the bottom that you can use to hold things like this cute little illustration by michele maule. where else? etsy.


  1. oh god......i'd last ten minutes and that little square would be almost full. somehow though, i can keep myself slightly more disciplined around the boys - only slightly though!

  2. ps. i fixed the weblinks on that awe-summ post. thx for alerting me to the prob.

  3. it's funny, but you know, i think the swear board is working.
    i've checked out the weblinks.. now bookmarked :) i still have to do my 7 awe-summ blogs and pass it on.


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