Sunday, May 24, 2009

zoo times

we took m.g. to the zoo on saturday and she LOVED the butterfly (hot) house. we spotted this stunning green one on our way out and it stayed there just long enough for a quick snap. i've said it before.. i'm lovin the quad cam. green.


  1. hey kk, still reading....not stalking, i promise! our little family loves the zoo too. it's so great to have such a fabulous space so close to home, isn't it?
    anyway, just letting you know that i have awarded you 'queen of all things awe-summm', please jump onto my blog, 'femme de montmartre' and check out what's required to accept this auspicious award! cheers, shelley t

  2. ha! don't worry about the stalking.. I love having a regular reader :)
    i love your gorgeous posters. maybe you could give a cwc talk in your gallery?? thankyou for the award! will definitely carry it on. i liked your 7 awesome traits. i too am a good decision maker. think i might copy that one :)


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