Thursday, June 11, 2009

50's flair

love this house. love it. it's a bad photo (taken from the car and on the move), but i think you can see what a gem it is.. or could be. what you can't see is the external spiral steel stair on the left that would take the lucky punter up to the roof terrace. oh to have a house with a roof terrace. i'm forever writing 'terrace' on my sketch plans and one of my favourite clients even made fun of me once saying "oh yes, let's go out to the north terrace" .. i think this house would make the perfect holiday house.. just needs a private front fence with a pool and some great outdoor furniture behind it. sunny.


  1. lets add this to our 'when we win the lottery' list ...

  2. hell yeah.. we'll buy that sucker out from under the pretend owners so fast!

  3. This house is in Mildy right?! Its been renovated and turned into a holiday house! Next time you come to Mildura, RENT THAT SUCKER OUT!


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