Tuesday, June 2, 2009

art finds

'please don't go'

'words are never enough'

'thought this would be easier'

after my last post i thought some more artworks by michele maule were worth a mention. i bought the 2nd print titled 'words are never enough' last year and i love it. i think the first one would look fantastic on a wall amongst lots of other artworks, big and small. alternatively, i also think it would look good on my desk. i love the last one too.. i once had some sneakers just like these, but i left them in rome because i needed to make space in my bag. red.


  1. cant believe you left those sneakers in rome ... you loved them. maybe you need some new kicks girl!

  2. don't worry, they had a good life.. i had worn a couple of little holes through the rubber sole so it was their time to go.


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