Friday, June 19, 2009


shelley over at galerie montmartre tagged me back in late may with an awe-summm award and it's taken me this long to do it. so i have to list 7 things that make me awesome and 7 blogs i think are awesome.. here goes..

1. i'm a good mummy. mirka is a very happy little girl and so easy to enjoy time with.

2. i'm a good half of kk5t. right husband??

3. i'm good at what i do. i love being an architect, designing and getting to know my clients.

4. i'm good at finding interesting things.

5. i'm good at writing hand written letters. or the occassional telegram.

6. i'm copying one of shelley's answers here and nominating myself as a good decision maker. knowing what i want. decision made. done. move on.

7. last but not least, i'm good at laughing. especially laughing at myself or at light hearted, awkward and misfortunate events involving kingsley. i'm smiling right now thinking about some of them! ..and my own jokes.. so good i tell you!

now for seven blogs i love? well just pick any seven from my list of favourites on the right.

as a side note, i received this gorgeous card by brown & sticky from kingsley for my birthday. i love the bright graphic and it's actually fabric on the front. they're made in sydney (go australian design) and they're awesome too.


  1. hey kk! have just caught up on a week in the life of captain and loved every minute. so this was a lovely little bonus at the end. i, too, love handwriting cards, notes and letters - haven't tried the telegram thing though...
    as for nyc, it's incredible the way that place grabs hold of you, isn't it? a heartbeat that city feels like, where anything is possible. we lived in the east village - opposite side of the island to your fave neighbourhood find.
    and finally, loving the new colour. grey is a fave of mine though, so you won't get any complaints here!
    and lastly, love your laundromat photo. clever girl.

  2. you lived in nyc? how cool! i was feeling a little low on friday night so it was lovely to read your comment on saturday morning. made me smile. thankyou :)


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