Friday, June 5, 2009

mirka + maxwell make nice

i have been taking regular photos of mirka in the eames rocker and after reading nicole's post over at making it lovely, i'm inspired to share the latest ones with you. the softie getting squished is maxwell the mi5 agent.. notice how he is dressed in a tux with bow tie, james bond style??


  1. love the photo, little mirka is divine. love max. love the eames rocker. my son uses our eames rocker to drive his cars down at the moment - he lets them drop from the top and loves watching them fall at the bottom. (he is a boy after all) i'm wondering if my youngest would stay in the chair long enough for me to get a shot. (he is a boy after all!!) cheers, shelley t

  2. ha! bet you never thought your eames rocker would make a good matchbox car ramp!


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