Sunday, June 14, 2009

new york city rocks.. take 4

ok this is my final nyc inspired post. thought i'd go out with some zing.. a little colour, or a little pepper as kingsley would say. reminds me of when we played botanical golf in perth and kingsley's advice to my hopeless efforts was to give it a little pepper. this advice was good for a couple of holes, up until the loop the loop when a little bit of pepper was a little too much. let's just say that the people enjoying a nice devonshire tea next door got quite a shock when a golf ball ricocheted off their tea set!


  1. a little pepper is nice .. but a little too much pepper can really ruin your meal ... especially a devonshire tea! :) i remember this day ... it was very funny ... crazy kk.

  2. I love that - a little pepper. must introduce it into my vocab...

    your nyc pics have been great, I have been reading lucy's posts just drooling. my nyc trip was when I was 21 - two weeks with two mates just wandering about. just excellent, but oh so long ago...


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