Thursday, June 11, 2009

olivetti love

how cool is this typewriter? it's the olivetti ms 25 premier plus and you can get yourself one from urban outfitters. oh the lovely notes i could punch out on this baby. tap tap tap. i love the sight and sound of the key arms smashing into the paper. mesmerising.


  1. ooo, (insert pic of my pupils widening) love love love! don't forget the glorious 'bing' of the bell once you finish the line (is that when it bada bings? i don't remember i just know it was super) :)

  2. ha! did you see what else urban outfitters is selling???
    the melodica!!
    oh how i used to admire your melodica playing skills! requests for frankie n johnnie anyone? how about some boogie woogie blues?

  3. melodica?? are you sure? he he you make me giggle! i really don't remember this :) i did play frankie n johnnie and the boogie woogie blues, but that was on the piano.. are you sure that i played a melodica?


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