Sunday, July 26, 2009

happy, happy day

what an amazing day.. it started with yum cha in footscray with friends, when someone just happened to mention that mirka mora was being interviewed this afternoon at the north fitzroy star... what, what, what??!! how exciting.. a chance encounter to introduce our little mirka to her namesake, the wonderful mirka mora. the afternoon did not disappoint. apart from the big mirka giving us all the tip that when you can no longer wear high heels to walk in, you can always wear them in bed.. oh yeah and flashing us her knickers and more (!) the big and little mirkas met and genuinely seemed to like one another :) the big mirka was so lovely and said she was touched that we had named our little girl after her. of course, we were so happy to meet the fabulously cheeky big mirka that we forgot to take a photo of the occasion. fingers crossed, we will meet up again soon to remedy that.

the photograph is by the talented kingsley and taken from the stunning wall mural in the main dining room at tolarno.. one of the most beautiful spaces in melbourne.

update: the lovely shelley from femme de montmartre has also written about this here.


  1. yay! a fabulous story! really so happy for you and little mirka....and big mirka. too lovely. x

  2. that's wonderful kk! you could adopt mirka mora as a quasi-grandmother or fairy godmother for your little mirka xx J


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