Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i'm no web designer

hmm. it seems my html skills are not so hot. methinks my blog was lookin' quite good on my computer screen.. good resolution, smallish typewriter style text. but... just found out it looks awful on other computers.. looks all low res.. text looks haggard and is the size for a legally blind person to read! i really gotta get myself some graphic design help. how does it look on your screen? i'd love to read your comments. does the text look crazy big and pixellated to you? embarrassed.


  1. I definitely like the colour scheme and your patterned background! but agree the font is hard to read and pixellated (on my compy at least)... I'm personally an Arial fan (I think you're headings/dates are set in arial already)...

  2. Font looks good to me in Google Chrome, but overlarge in Firefox and IE 8 (Windows platform). Hope that helps :)

  3. looking crazy big and pixalated over here! no idea what platform i'm running though!! photos still look great though!! lulu


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