Tuesday, July 7, 2009

mini skittles

long time, no blog. bad captain. so what was the good news? one of mirka's birthday presents arrived in the post. man, i am so organised.. her birthday is still 2 months away. i'm "so on to it" as kingsley would say. i bought these gorgeous mini 1950's skittles from etsy. vintage darling. (read pre-bashed around, but such a lovely patina yes?) i'm looking forward to seeing mirka's face light up when she sees them all take a tumble for the first time. joy.


  1. did you take these photos today, 'bad captain'?! wasn't it a glorious day? look at the shadows the sun has made with the skittles, beautiful. my boys love skittles, my toddler actually throws himself on them...but somehow, i believe little mirka has won the jackpot with the little vintage ones! x

  2. i love the curvy shadows! so nice to get some sunshine :)


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