Monday, July 20, 2009

design made trade colour

ok, where to start? we went along to design made trade on saturday and i was surprised at how much i enjoyed it. don't get me wrong, there's always at least one or two things that pique my interest at these trade events, but after a few you start to feel like you're just seeing the same thing over & over. i think they could have called it (not another) design made trade exhibition because i genuinely felt like there were lots of fresh ideas. oh yeah and it was soo hard not to buy anything! i'm still on a self imposed saving frenzy and let me tell you.. it was hard, real hard, to walk away from these cheery yellow socks with the big toe sewn in from boniko. colour.

p.s. sorry about the photos - not the best quality from my iphone camera and my flickr account is being very naughty.. will hopefully fix it soon.


  1. I feel your frugal pain when visiting those weekend events! I wanted to buy ALL the awesome furniture/chairs/lights and re-deco my home... including that self-contained office room thing. Pity I live in an apartment. Maybe it would fit on the balcony?

  2. kk, you have to go to the boniko website with the volume up- hours of fun and I have it from a reliable source that it is all in japanese! I love it that they are socks but their main purpose is to turn them into little sock toy characters... xx J

  3. Hey kk,
    did you see these at D:M:T? I bought two (different sizes). Lovely way to feed my addiction.
    And the printspace prints? Bought this lovely print to feed my other addiction: owls (I swear I was into them before everyone else). The artist was there and obligingly offered to do a custom one too, which was lovely.
    Great to see you guys at yum cha on Sunday. And lovely to hear the whole Mirka:Mirka meeting went swimmingly!
    :) JoMc


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