Wednesday, July 29, 2009

who put my blog in a time machine back to 1986?

how's it lookin' now? any better? thankyou so much to peops who commented. i've scrapped my beloved typewriter style courier font for good old, never let you down, arial.

ahh.. husband just sent me a screen snapshot of what the arial font looks like.. the size looks better, but in my efforts to fix it, the text looks like a print out from a commodore 64 dot matrix printer! no good. why such awful pixellation i ask. cranky.

update: you may notice my font changing between arial and courier while i try and work out which one looks best across mac & pesky non-mac screens.


  1. looked fine on my mac, and I use safari? the old typewriter text was fine to read....not too small - crystal clear?

  2. hmm.. it looked good on my mac with safari too, but really bad on other computers (non macs) apparently.

  3. oh the neverending war of mac v PC... *sigh*

    anyway kate, arial looks great on my PC now (running firefox)! yay! (also, sometimes if I accidentally hit ctrl+- or + (plus or minus), the font size on my interwebs browser increases/decreases. it looks bad for a while until I realise what i've done. i guess some people have different view settings, not to mention screen resolutions. maybe that's a contributing factor but one you can't control unfortunately).

    nevertheless... great blog and keep it up!


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