Monday, August 31, 2009

another modern monster finished

this one was a big one. alterations and a 3 level addition to an existing heritage listed house.. or alts & adds if you want it in archi talk. this was one of my projects under construction when i left to become a mummy and it's only just finished now. an 18 month construction program gives you an idea of how involved this one was. the clients are awesome people.. really positive & fun to work with. one of the clients would joke in early design meetings that he wanted to come home from work, run down the hall after he started stripping off from the front door, hit the remote to open the big glass garage style door that opens up over the pool and jump in! i couldn't make it to the final drinks today before the builder officially handed over to the client, but my old boss was nice enough to email through some photos. the photos (not the best quality i know) i've posted are a mix from today and over the construction period. lots of lovely spaces for lovely people. 

Friday, August 28, 2009

my oh my

my oh my, life can be wonderful. what a happy letter i found in our post office box waiting for us. after meeting mirka mora last month, we wrote her a letter about how happy it made us to have had the chance for our little mirka to meet her namesake. just look at her beautiful handwriting and sweet sketches at the bottom of the letter. our little mirka is one lucky girl.

p.s. everyone loves the laser cut timber 'mirka' sign we have in the living area. let's face it, she's the boss. home.

stripe surprise

while executing my dress shop stroll by, we came across this happy house in yarraville... now that's a paint job! i can only imagine what a painter would say to me, or more likely about me, if i specified a colour scheme like this for one of my jobs. i can see the cad drawing of the front elevation with little codes all over it in my mind and it's already causing me a near stroke. seriously though, i love turning a corner and discovering something totally different like this. would i paint my own house like this? no, not likely, i'd probably go with white, white and more white, but perhaps with a cheery yellow front door. either a solid timber door painted canary yellow or a timber framed opaque glass door with big canary yellow numbers printed on the glass that look like the numbers from the old petrol price signs.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

marimekko love

market import in malvern doesn't really stock my kind of thing, but, i did find the sweetest little dress for mirka in there and they do stock some marimekko homewares and bolts of fabric. i love the bright clashing colours of the hand towels on the left and the huge drop of fabric hanging in the window. bright.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

sweet birthday dresses

the girl has options. following on from what i'm planning on wearing to the all important first birthday party, i thought it only fair to show you the three new dresses i bought for the actual birthday girl. so i went a little crazy, but a girl's gotta have options. special.

top left: embroidered red mexican dress from market import in malvern.
top right: floral print dress from seed.
bottom left: print bow dress from seed.

Monday, August 24, 2009

new dress

so when i shouted out "and i'm back" last week after my hospital hiatus, i probably should have had some blog ideas ready to go. i've been feeling all a bit blah. don't get me wrong, i've actually got lots to share, i just haven't had the energy to sit down, decide, get the images together etc. all right, enough excuses, i don't know where to start so i'll start with what i got up to today. after flicking through a mag at the supermarket checkout on the weekend, i spotted mr black & white stripes on the left by maurie and eve. you know how i love stripes and a bit of bold pattern so home i came, looked up the designer and tracked down my local stockist, which i just happened* to walk past while out and about. no, they didn't have the dress i wanted, but they could order it in. meanwhile, i found myself this la-la-la lovely black maxi dress in the dress shop by rachel gilbert. methinks it will do just nicely for mirka's bday party and our upcoming anniversary. gotta love the cost per wear ratio that makes the price tag a little friendlier. at least that's what they said to me in the shop.

* that was for the husband. read engineered a stroll-by.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

back on deck

and i'm back. it turns out the worst part of having surgery is the mental build up. i remember coming to afterwards and feeling such a euphoric "i made it!" unfortunately for the husband's bank account, he is not a multi millionaire.. yes, i took out a ridiculously large life insurance policy! he tells me he is much happier this way. must be love :) so i owe a huge thankyou to the husband.. not just for visiting me in hospital and agreeing to me coming home early when all the noise was driving me crazy, but for making my recovery at home so perfect. he put flowers in the room, made up the bed with all my favourite blankets, had my bedside table ready with magazines, loaded the iphone with movies and yes, that is a bell you can see. least of all, he let me use his super bose noise cancelling headphones. i tell you, if you're going in to hospital, do what you have to do, to have these with you. after the first sleepless night in the icu, these headphones saved my sanity. i always wondered what all the boy fuss was about these headphones. now i know. no place like home.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

going to hospital

i'm off to hospital so i won't be posting anything for a week or so. on the plus side, i'm hoping i'll be feeling much better by day 2, but can stretch out my stay to day 4. magazines, movies and lying in bed all day can't be so bad, right?? also, in the spirit of looking on the bright side, i'll get to enjoy another wear out of my going to hospital gear.. only the most comfortable pyjamas in the world. if you do decide to take my word for it and treat yourself, my advice is to order one size up because they do shrink some. comfy.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

giraffe love

looky looky... more treasure to share from time lost down the rabbit hole.. this time from abbey goes design scouting. i couldn't resist also posting about these lovely timber giraffes from twine because they instantly reminded me of my favourite singlet of mirka's, designed and screenprinted by the talented kingsley. you can get yourself one here.

Monday, August 10, 2009

a little vintage pick me up

so sweet. i was feeling like a little online window shopping pick me up after our long drive back to melbourne and the vintage goodies at three potato four never disappoint. these are some of my favourites and at one tenth of the price, i can guess at which one the husband would choose out of the pail and the little kiddie chair. if i was handy, i could whip up a copy of the apple clothes hanger in the top image.. route out the apple shape from some mdf and then cover in some designer wallpaper but, one, i'm not handy on the power tools (i know, who could believe it) and two, i like to have the original.

Friday, August 7, 2009


mirka throw maxwell overboard? never. this monthly portrait business of mirka in the eames rocker is quite the challenge. just look at that bottom right photo.. totally over it and off to discover better things.. and i don't know what it is about maxwell, but as far as mirka is concerned, he is absolutely not welcome on her chair!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

one hundred!

my 100th post. i must admit it has put me in a bit of a paralysis. the pressure of what to post for the big 100 has meant i haven't posted anything for the past few days. so now i've just decided to post this.. i bought this old RAAF trestle table from a second hand furniture place in sydney during my uni student days. at the time it had an awful masonite top, but i really liked the legs, so home it came and let me tell you it weighs a tonne. anyways, i had grand ideas of replacing the masonite board with timber planks, but soon found out my student budget wouldn't stretch that far.. what to do, what to do??  i decided just to paint the top with chalkboard paint and worry about doing something better later. well, it's later, much later and i can't imagine it any other way. just about every moment, good or bad, (mainly good), in our lives has been announced on mister blackboard. 100th blog post, not withstanding. news.

Monday, August 3, 2009

billy blossom

we got the call early this morning.. i'm an aunty! little william oliver arrived very early this morning and while i was out walking and thinking about how amazing it all is, i was thrilled to see all the blossom out already. i guess it's blossom huntin' season again. you see, i'm a little naughty when it comes to blossom trees on nature strips. i once roped in the husband for some late night blossom huntin' in my smartie. we even did it in stealth mode.. spot a blossom target, kill lights, keep engine running, pull up against kerb, jump out with secateurs and nab yourself some blossom. it's a 2 person job because one person has to stay in the car with the engine running while the other does the job. maybe i was watching a little too much of the sopranos at the time. so so naughty, but you should see the big smile on my face. cheap thrills.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

skipping girl

her name is little audrey. isn't she lovely? i've been meaning to make a visit and take some photos with the real camera for the past month or so since the sign has been restored, but last night we just happened to be driving past and all i had was my trusty iphone camera. the photos aren't perfect and i think i'll return with the real camera, but i do love the flare on the street lights and brake lights etc from the traffic that the iphone has created. welcome back little audrey. iconic.

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