Wednesday, August 19, 2009

back on deck

and i'm back. it turns out the worst part of having surgery is the mental build up. i remember coming to afterwards and feeling such a euphoric "i made it!" unfortunately for the husband's bank account, he is not a multi millionaire.. yes, i took out a ridiculously large life insurance policy! he tells me he is much happier this way. must be love :) so i owe a huge thankyou to the husband.. not just for visiting me in hospital and agreeing to me coming home early when all the noise was driving me crazy, but for making my recovery at home so perfect. he put flowers in the room, made up the bed with all my favourite blankets, had my bedside table ready with magazines, loaded the iphone with movies and yes, that is a bell you can see. least of all, he let me use his super bose noise cancelling headphones. i tell you, if you're going in to hospital, do what you have to do, to have these with you. after the first sleepless night in the icu, these headphones saved my sanity. i always wondered what all the boy fuss was about these headphones. now i know. no place like home.

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  1. that's so great, kk. and i couldn't agree more about the emotional energy that goes into surgery - i think we talked a little about that at cwc, actually - especially when you have little people counting on you, i remember the relief of 'coming to' as well. be kind to yourself for a while longer.
    ps. your man is a keeper! x


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