Monday, August 3, 2009

billy blossom

we got the call early this morning.. i'm an aunty! little william oliver arrived very early this morning and while i was out walking and thinking about how amazing it all is, i was thrilled to see all the blossom out already. i guess it's blossom huntin' season again. you see, i'm a little naughty when it comes to blossom trees on nature strips. i once roped in the husband for some late night blossom huntin' in my smartie. we even did it in stealth mode.. spot a blossom target, kill lights, keep engine running, pull up against kerb, jump out with secateurs and nab yourself some blossom. it's a 2 person job because one person has to stay in the car with the engine running while the other does the job. maybe i was watching a little too much of the sopranos at the time. so so naughty, but you should see the big smile on my face. cheap thrills.


  1. wow! congratulations! i'm an aunty too! little ollie jay arrived on aug. 1st. and it's so lovely knowing there is another baby in our lives....cause this ol' girl has made her babies!!
    ps. blossoms and japanese maples are my most favourite trees of all....
    have a good week. x

  2. AH! You've met your nature strip Blossom Hunting/Pinching Partner in Crime!! ME!!

    Funny story with my last blossom raid, I found the perfect branches on a tree at the end of my street out front of St Josephs. So once it hit darkness, i walked up there with my Pruners hoping no one was watching and cut off the prettiest blooms. Arranged them in my vase at home and felt a tad guilty that I had cut them away from their fello blooms. Anywho, next morning on my way to work, i notice that a car was getting towed away and so was THE TREE!! It was GONE! Blossoms scattered everywhere on the road!! So, all that guilt for nothing! I had SAVED those special pretty little blossoms :)


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