Wednesday, August 12, 2009

going to hospital

i'm off to hospital so i won't be posting anything for a week or so. on the plus side, i'm hoping i'll be feeling much better by day 2, but can stretch out my stay to day 4. magazines, movies and lying in bed all day can't be so bad, right?? also, in the spirit of looking on the bright side, i'll get to enjoy another wear out of my going to hospital gear.. only the most comfortable pyjamas in the world. if you do decide to take my word for it and treat yourself, my advice is to order one size up because they do shrink some. comfy.


  1. speedy recovery to you ms! and look at those jarmies, talk about slick!

  2. wishing you all the best, captain! feet up, mags open, i say! x


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