Thursday, August 6, 2009

one hundred!

my 100th post. i must admit it has put me in a bit of a paralysis. the pressure of what to post for the big 100 has meant i haven't posted anything for the past few days. so now i've just decided to post this.. i bought this old RAAF trestle table from a second hand furniture place in sydney during my uni student days. at the time it had an awful masonite top, but i really liked the legs, so home it came and let me tell you it weighs a tonne. anyways, i had grand ideas of replacing the masonite board with timber planks, but soon found out my student budget wouldn't stretch that far.. what to do, what to do??  i decided just to paint the top with chalkboard paint and worry about doing something better later. well, it's later, much later and i can't imagine it any other way. just about every moment, good or bad, (mainly good), in our lives has been announced on mister blackboard. 100th blog post, not withstanding. news.


  1. great idea! love it. congratulations!! 100 lovely posts, always interesting and beautiful to look at. thanks captain, you've taken us on a great ride.
    ps. the chairs sitting under the gorgeous table are gorgeous also. x

  2. congratulations kk ... i look forwrad to reading your posts everyday and they always leave me smiling. husband.

  3. well done kk... the table is very appropriate- I have memories of many architectural ideas being drawn on it over a cup of tea or a cocktail, and your beautiful messages to be found on it xx jacq

  4. BLOG on!!!
    lulu x


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