Monday, August 24, 2009

new dress

so when i shouted out "and i'm back" last week after my hospital hiatus, i probably should have had some blog ideas ready to go. i've been feeling all a bit blah. don't get me wrong, i've actually got lots to share, i just haven't had the energy to sit down, decide, get the images together etc. all right, enough excuses, i don't know where to start so i'll start with what i got up to today. after flicking through a mag at the supermarket checkout on the weekend, i spotted mr black & white stripes on the left by maurie and eve. you know how i love stripes and a bit of bold pattern so home i came, looked up the designer and tracked down my local stockist, which i just happened* to walk past while out and about. no, they didn't have the dress i wanted, but they could order it in. meanwhile, i found myself this la-la-la lovely black maxi dress in the dress shop by rachel gilbert. methinks it will do just nicely for mirka's bday party and our upcoming anniversary. gotta love the cost per wear ratio that makes the price tag a little friendlier. at least that's what they said to me in the shop.

* that was for the husband. read engineered a stroll-by.

1 comment:

  1. i do that pay by amount of use ratio for clothing and furniture! works every time....x


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