Wednesday, September 30, 2009

52 suburbs

my good friend jacq recently told me about this fantastic new blog 52 suburbs by sydneysider louise hawson. i've only just got around to adding it to my favourites list on the right & couldn't resist posting about it at the same time. it's a simple enough idea.. visit one suburb per week, but louise's photos, eye for detail & great titles / commentary make for one awesome blog.

louise says she plans on expanding her horizons, one suburb at a time..

My plan? To nose around one new suburb every week for a year, in search of the beauty in the 'burb. (Beauty in this case meaning old, original, retro, rusty, repurposed, nostalgic etc)

it reminds me a little of another favourite san fran girl by bay & i guess sydney and san francisco are quite similar, but louise definitely has her own signature style.

update: inside out blog has just featured the 52 suburbs blog too.. you can see it here


  1. Thanks for the lovely mention. We must think very alike – it's hard not to be swept away by 52 Suburbs!
    I've also added Captain KK to our Inside Out blogroll, cos it's a very lovely blog indeed.
    Lee Tran

  2. i know.. it's funny isn't it.. how just when you're thinking about something, someone mentions it or you see it somewhere else.. must be the vibe! thanks for adding me to your blogroll :)


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