Thursday, September 17, 2009

happy details. mirka's first birthday party.

devil in the detail? the captain is all about the detail. after i fell in love with this image, i knew i would use it as inspiration for our little girl's first birthday party. i could not find the tissue balls anywhere in melbourne or available online anywhere in australia, so i had to order them from the u.s. ..i had them shipped to vivi in new orleans who was then super enough to get them in the quickest mail available to australia. the husband thought i was a bit mad.. not that he said anything, but i could just tell from his lack of saying anything.. but arrive in time they did and after i had assembled them the way i wanted, the clever husband found a way to hang them. they looked totally gorgeous for the party and now i'm in quite a predicament... to take them down seems such a shame & i just know the room will feel so empty if i do... or risk being one of those sad people who leave decorations up well past their time. perhaps i could just leave them up for spring... and then the silly season and christmas is just around the corner.. and of course they would be perfect for new year's eve..

oh yeah.. and i ordered the sweet little cupcake toppers from details details. it's funny how different details come together.. i didn't realise how perfectly they worked with the invite i made with papers from zetta florence until i put these photos together.


  1. keep them up, they're gorgeous.....but take them down at christmas - time for a new theme then!!

  2. they look fab - do you think martha came up with that visual while hangin in her jail cell one night ;) hmmmmm
    we were sorry to have missed one of your partees :( lulu

  3. how adorable! you awesome moms blow me away.. i'm not even a mother and i cant imagine putting together a party like that.. not enough time.. man we are entering fall and you spring.. how interesting!

  4. Hi, I just found your blog via the party perfect blog. I love the paper globes you've used for your daughter's birthday! She must have had a wonderful day.


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