Saturday, September 26, 2009

oh how i want to be in stkilda

when the saints come marching in.. go saints! mirka & i will be dressed up in our team's colours.. the mighty red, white & black and watching the game on tv. i'll be keeping an eye out to spot the husband's happy face in the crowd. he left at 6:30am this morning to line up in the queue to secure a seat.  i actually did this sketch on the mini chalkboard when the saints were playing the tigers, but one cat is as good as another.. crushed.


  1. sorry about the team's loss, captain....yesterday's game was the first one i'd seen in four years, so enjoyed the new milestone! it was a great game.

  2. Thanks.. We're still getting over the loss.. Those damn cats! And to top it off I've come down with a cold ( I never get sick!). I'm tucked up in bed flicking through old inside out mags & trying to convince the husband to venture out and bring home some lunch.


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