Monday, September 7, 2009

one year old today

one year old today. amazing. i'm sure it's nothing new for all parents to feel like this, especially for number one, but hey it's my blog. mirka grace, you've changed our lives forever, so much for the better. well, except for those times when you wake us up from a deep sleep and i walk into the wall as i try and make my way to you still half asleep.. and always on the night when we've gone to bed later than normal after being lulled into thinking you've locked in your routine & will sleep through til 7am the next day. so yes, we miss those saturday morning sleep-ins, but how could we imagine life without your funny, sweet little ways.. your funny "ha!" laugh, more often than not at yourself while playing peek-a-boo, the way you crinkle your nose and do a big cheesy, toothy smile when you're on the verge of giving us a big belly laugh, but waiting to see if what we're doing is really that funny. your favourite place in the world is on daddy's shoulders. oh yes, you are too good for your bugaboo pram. not that you complain, but why would you pram it, when you can be taken everywhere on daddy's shoulders?

kingsley is back in town & she gave mirka & i some absolutely beautiful flowers. i rarely buy roses for myself when i buy flowers from the market, but these roses are such a beautiful soft pink, i think i'm hooked.

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  1. bringing a tear to my eye, captain! happy birthday little mirka. x


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