Friday, September 18, 2009

the talented kingsley

the talented kingsley strikes again! while shopping along brunswick street in fitzroy last week, we spotted a cushion in douglas & hope that we took a liking to, but one of the fabrics wasn't quite perfect. "don't buy that one" said kingsley... "i'll make you one." and make me one she did.. well two in fact and lucky me because i la-la-love them. thanks kingsley!


  1. they look great! ... and soooo comfy ... did you know i only just realised, after looking at the photo in the bottom right, that they are the same ... i thought one was white with elephants and one was pink with girafes. silly husband.

  2. I have that orange giraffe fabric that has been sitting in my fabric stack for ages now. I have had no idea what to make out of it. I love the way the fabric is used on the cushions. So cute.


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