Wednesday, September 23, 2009

wild things

one of the biggest adjustments i've had to make in this past year is not being able to go to the movies at the drop of a hat. we used to live a 2 minute brisk walk / dash to the george cinema in st.kilda & always had a book of 10 movie vouchers ready to go. door to door, that is, bum in seat, including a quick choc-top purchase, took at the most 5 minutes. now, going to the movies requires some serious planning. we tried taking mirka along to a mums & bubs session one evening, but we were the only ones there with a baby and it didn't feel like the other patrons knew it was a "& bubs" session. our little gracie girl did fall asleep, but we felt like bad, bad parents having our baby out in her sleeping bag on a cold winter's night. anyway, where am i going with this? ..when we had a lovely house guest recently, we took the opportunity to run away to the movies. man, i even love the previews! i was totally taken away with the where the wild things are trailer. looks magic. anyways, if i can't get to the movies, i've found the next best thing. urban outfitters have some awesome where the wild things are stuff. of course, i'll have to order it through my official u.s. mail forwarder, vivi in new orleans, but if that's what a girl's gotta do, then that's what a girl's gotta do.

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