Monday, September 28, 2009

zig-zag temptation.. yes, another one.

what can i say? grand final day came. the saints lost. our hopes were dashed. sad face.

now, i never get sick. not a sniffle. sure, i was in hospital recently, but that was for jaw surgery, so when i came down with a cough that made me sound like a demon on the weekend i assumed it was somehow linked to the saints loss. anyway, i've been lying around feeling sorry for myself.. in bed.. on the sofa.. where ever. it was on the sofa, staring blankly at the floorboards, that i started thinking again about what kind of rug i would like to anchor the sofa / tv space. it needs to be big. big enough for the sofa to completely sit on.. none of this half on, half off business. a good 2400 x 3000 size. (that's 8'x10' for you vivi).  the only rug i've seen that i've actually liked is the madeline weinrib zig zag rug that i first saw on the making it lovely blog in pink. (first pic below).

so as much as i love it in pink in nicole's living room, pink wouldn't work for me. as boring as it first sounds, light grey is what i'd choose. rather than the colour, i'd let the zig zag pattern be the feature. that way i can add (or take away) any accent colour without having to replace the big ticket items like the sofa or rug. the bottom larger zig zag pattern is from jonathan adler, which i think i like even more. yet another thing to add to the wish list. eventually.


  1. ummmm - yes!!!!!!! love it! yellow would be a bit awesome....
    hope you're feeling better soon, captain. nothing worse than being sick and trying to play mama at the same time. i do a lousy job of it, but not enough to warrant l'homme staying home and letting me loll around properly! x

  2. yes.. yellow zig zag or a light blue zig zag would look awesome, but then i would have to commit to that colour :)

    feeling better today.. at least my cough doesn't sound make me sound like a wild animal any more!


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