Friday, October 30, 2009

happy halloween

happy halloween! what a difference a year makes.. look at how much bigger this year's 'm' onesie is. i bought the little ghostie onesie last year when mirka was only 7 weeks old. we had a halloween party & mirka seemed to love getting passed around for a cuddle, but we did feel like bad parents when we unswaddled her in the morning & found more and more crumbs! i'm not feeling so energetic this year, so no party for us, but, so i can still have a bit of fun with halloween, i ordered a few goodies from etsy. first up, this year's outfit for mirka is another black onesie, but this time with the letter 'm' in a sweet polka dot fabric. you have to picture it with her stripey black & white leggins, but you get the idea. i also ordered a kooky spider headband, as modeled on the fabulous cushion made by kingsley. i think my favourite is the fabric basket for trick or treating. we had some orange candles out on the front verandah last year to welcome our guests as they arrived and were surprised at how many little trick or treaters we had knock on our door. i've already got a huge bowl of chocolate treats ready to go.. the hard part will be stopping the husband from eating them tonight.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

stamp graphics

flicking through the latest inside out mag, the page where they suggest making some mini artworks from stamps, (the pic above is of p.65 from vol 82)reminded me about the husband's stamp 'collection' sitting in a big ol' box in the studio and about a story i've been meaning to share for a while. you see, i popped in to a local op shop about a month ago and got chatting to the little old lady in there after she saw me reading the newspaper clipping stuck to the counter. amazingly, this little, nothing special kind of op shop, had raised twenty-something thousand dollars for various charity projects around australia & overseas. simply from collecting and on-selling donated stamps, bus, train & tram tickets. everyday stamps and stubs that would normally be piffed without a thought. twenty something thousand dollars! so, from now on, if anyone would like to stockpile their stamps and old tickets to donate, then please email me for details.
meanwhile, i did find some little gems tucked away in that big ol' box. there are stamps in there from countries that don't even exist anymore, but more importantly, i came across some great 1960's vintage australian ones on old letters addressed to the husband's mum when she was a little girl. they all had 'first day cover' envelopes with matching graphics to the stamps. pretty cool huh?

update: i noticed that hiki over at jollygoo did a nice post on some great japanese stamps from the 70s if you're interested.

Monday, October 26, 2009

daylesford treasures

we drove up to daylesford yesterday for a friend's birthday breakfast.. this friend doesn't live in daylesford, nor did they spend the weekend there.. they just decided it would be fun to all meet up there for breakfast and fun it was. i had already decided that i wanted to rummage around in some second hand shops after breakfast, so imagine my delight when we drove past the daylesford bazaar with all that junk out the front. the blue drawers have a nice form & showed promise from the footpath (and at $20, the price was right!), but up close they needed a lot of love & that's a lot of love i don't have to give. moving on, i was quite taken by the little white & yellow cannister and almost bought it for $7, but ended up getting sidetracked by something else (more about that in a future post). if i was a thermos kind of girl, then i would have snapped up the huge pale pink thermos with that awesome retro flower print in multi-coloured stripes for $12. after i had rummaged & left happy with my purchases in hand, we decided to check out 'the mill'.. another 2nd hand place and if you want to know how to get there, then turn left at the roundabout and follow some signs! they were the directions given to us by our birthday friend, worthy of a true local and not some city slicker, no? anyways, these are some of the treasures i spotted at the mill.. it seems that i really do like me some yellow.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

my place & yours: bedside

and now i'm up to date. the theme for my place and yours this week is from pottymouthmama who chose 'bedside'. some might think that i have the most boring bedside ever, but that's the way i like it. at least at the moment while i'm not reading anything. by the time i crawl in to bed, sleep is pretty much instantaneous. and there's a good reason why my bedside hasn't got anything on it.. it's the place i put the extra pillows from our bed when we're not using them.

i made six of these cubes in an elective at uni.. i think it was called object design.. anyways, my design was to create storage without wasting materials, so the six cubes were made from one sheet of 25mm mdf with zero wastage, which were then finished in 2-pac.. and there's a whole other story.. driving my 1984 mitsubishi colt, percy, with the six cubes jiggling around in the back, from the uni workshops out to the painter in 35 degree heat.. i think i made quite the 'poor student' entrance with black smoke blowing out percy's exhaust because they charged me almost nothing to do the 2-pac. lucky break.

my place & yours: on the shelf

yep, i'm late to join this one, but better late than never, right? i found out about this themed blogging idea through the lovely shelley from femme de montmartre. each week someone new comes up with a theme that fits within the meme of 'my place & yours'. the first one from last week was 'on the shelf' & funnily enough it made me realise that i don't actually have any open shelves inside and the studio is way too messy to photograph. well, we do have a shower shelf, but who wants to look at my shampoo? so here is my bedroom 'shelf'. a few framed favourite photos from our wedding, an attempt at my own bill henson-esque shot of the sydney opera house, mirka's footprint from father's day and a big k & t. home.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

chalkboard squiggles

i thought i'd share our little mirka's artwork on the chalk board table with all y'all. abstract expressionism perhaps? our little mirka might not be living up to her beautiful namesake's output yet, but a girl's gotta start somewhere. that reminds me that i really should write another handwritten note & hopefully arrange a time for some 'talk & coffee-ing'. amazing.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

melbourne + nyc in common

after writing my previous post on vintage signs around melbourne, i snooped around sally joubert's website for a while & became smitten with these two paintings.  the first one is of audrey, melbourne's favourite skipping girl and the second one is obviously of a nyc subway platform. unfortunately for me, again, both are already sold. i emailed sally in the hope that, that wasn't true. it was. but! sally was nice enough to email me the photo below of a mixed media work of the nylex sign that is available.

update: the husband 'fessed up that he hacked into my email to contact sally & has arranged to buy the little screenprinted painting study on the right for our anniversary back in september. we normally buy an artwork each year, but had missed it this year. can't wait 'til it arrives.. apparently it's still drying.

Friday, October 16, 2009

big ol' sign love

melbourne has some great, big ol' vintage signs. big, steel structures on top of strategic roof tops. the skipping girl is probably the most beloved, but the nylex sign in richmond is my favourite for 2 reasons. one.. charlie used to live in an amazing apartment in south yarra that had huge steel framed windows that looked straight out over the river at the nylex sign. what's the time? umm.. look out the window! it makes me remember a fun new year's eve party we had there years ago every time i drive past on the freeway and two.. the husband & i fell in love with a painting of the nylex sign with a light bulb hanging in the foreground by the amazing australian artist sally joubert, but it had sadly, already sold. iconic.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

porcelain treasure

ok. so no blog post from me since friday. bad captain. is there anyone still there or have i lost you? i did have a plan.. i'm always thinking about what to post next.. it's quite addictive this blogging business.. it was going to be a post on some sweet little artworks i bought ages ago by ashley g, but they are still sitting on the dining table waiting to be photographed, so change of plans...

i saw this ceramic, old pharmacy style bottle (the one on the right) from pigeon toe ceramics on design sponge last week and all i have to say is tempting. very tempting. for those of you not watching the aussie dollar like gordon gecko would watch his shares, let me just tell you that it's up. over 90 cents up and that means only one thing. it's time to hit etsy. hard.

the ceramic milk style bottle on the left (above) is by alyssa ettinga & available through supermarket hq or etsy.. another awesome site. anyways, if that wasn't enough ceramic candy for you, design alphabet featured the beautiful wares (below) by australian, samantha robinson.. and they're really beautiful right? so tempting.

Friday, October 9, 2009

follow me

come on.. follow me down the rabbit hole for a minute or two. so, a few days ago, the latest sneak peek on design sponge caught my eye. the sneak peek section is by far my favourite. anyways, while loving the apartment's architecture, interiors & styling, the little artworks on the background joinery caught my eye. right when i thought "ow-ah, what are they?" i glanced down to the comment and my question was answered. i clicked on the happy red link that said toonpoot & look at the treasures i found..

at first i thought my favourite was the bottom one, but now i'm wondering how i will live without the top one.. all those moody greys & blues are seductive and there's something really calming about the compostition.. at least to me. of course by the time i've taken to do this post, the lovely team at seesaw has already posted about these awesome paintings too. you can see their post here.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

rolling on

13 months old. not only has the big 12 month marker been and gone, but mirka is already another month older again.. we're rolling on into the 2nd year & we have to stop ourselves from saying "baby mirka".  so here are the official 13 month old portrait photos of mirka on the eames rocker, as originally inspired by nicole at making it lovely. you can see the previous ones here, here, here & here if you feel like it.

things are moving on in our household. i'm going back to work 2 days a week while mirka will be in child care. we've been having practice days, building up the length of time with each day and so far so good. at first it felt quite weird to not have mirka with me.. my little friend & happy companion for the past year, but i have to say that i have been loving. loving. my baby free time! it came as quite a surprise and this is going to sound terrible, but pure joy is what i felt when i realised i could do whatever i wanted. just me. whatever i wanted! even if it was just for a few hours. it even inspired me to take myself off to the movies on sunday arvo. i saw julie & julia on my own.. well i had a hu-mungus box of maltesers for company because i am a little piggy, but yes, i loved it. loved the movie and loved my little excursion. joy.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

baby shower surprise

my mummy's group threw an impromptu baby shower for the first one of us to have their 2nd baby. we know it's a baby girl & i still have the pink paper decorations up from mirka's birthday party, so it seemed like an easy decision to have it at my place. i picked up some cheap bunches of mixed roses and how great do they look with their stems cut really short & placed in small jars. i tell you, as much as i love the big oriental lilies & tulips, it's hard to beat the often overlooked, little mixed bunches of roses, for bang for your buck. 3 x 7 dollars. 21 dollars people! how good is that?! everyone baked or bought something delicious to share & i made a quick batch of chocolate cupcakes & chocolate yo-yos. of course i served them up on my favourite poketo plates. i really should keep my eye out for some more.. maybe i'll engineer a drive past safari living on the weekend, which is where i bought these ones from. they also stock missoni fabrics and oh how i'd love a missoni throw blanket. or towels. i could settle for towels. one day. one day.

Monday, October 5, 2009

warm & fuzzy

i've got that warm & fuzzy feeling from ordering something online. again. knowing some point in the future another little package will be waiting for me in our post office box makes me happy. i saw these lovely christmas ornaments by paper boat press (go australian design!) over on the inside out blog and bookmarked it for later. well, it's later & i've ordered a lovely christmas star to have mirka's name stamped on it. perfect for putting on our tree in a couple of months. yep, it's almost christmas! if you'd like to order yourself one, make sure you do by the 15th of october to get it in time for xmas. their gorgeous ceramics remind me of the goodies by paloma's nest on etsy & the little text bowl i sent to jacq for her birthday. i got myself lost looking at the other goodies while i was writing this and setting up the links etc, but i'm glad i did because i also found the hope ornament on the right. also from paloma's nest. treasures.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

new challenge

it's sunday morning & the husband has got "the humpty dance" by digital underground playing.. if you don't know it, think m.c. hammer.. anyway it reminded me how a couple of years ago, oprah sent gayle along to a new york hip hop dance school to learn some new moves.. let's just say it made for some pretty funny tv and even funnier was when i showed my new moves to the husband.. and funnier again was when i showed them to kingsley while she was visiting. i think i remember her ending up in hysterics and on the floor. why would i tell you this? well it's good to try something new and on that note i'm thinking one of three things..

one. spanish lessons.. hola! good for when we get around to travelling to spain, mexico, cuba, south america etc.

two. life drawing classes. i'm not a great drawer & i think this would be a good way for me to get some skills.

three. casual dance classes. no, not ballroom. not salsa, although that would also be handy for travelling to spanish speaking countries. no, the kind of dancing i'm thinking is real hot bitches. what? well, think lots of girls dressed in 80s fluoro gear, who probably can't really dance, bustin out their best dance floor moves. now, this last option would take a lot of courage, but it does look crazy fun. maybe when kingsley nexts visits we'll strike up the courage together.

so peops, which option? and don't just say number three because you'll get a laff out of it. which one should be my next challenge?

Friday, October 2, 2009

someone stop me!

that's what the husband thought needed to happen when he discovered the cloth i'd used to sketch on because nothing else was at hand. after commenting on the ever creative lucy's recent post on the wonderful supplies at notemaker stationery, i thought 'hey i could make that a blog post'.. so here it is.

i love my rhodia gridded sketch pad. nothing better.  the husband bought me one at the design made trade exhibition after his recent discovery of said drawn upon cloth. he was accustomed to the scribbled upon old envelopes or margins of blank space on the weekend newspaper, but apparently i went too far.. and good on me i say, otherwise i never would have received my precious. now, i'm off to order a new one so mirka doesn't get any bad ideas about what she can & can't draw on. oops!

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