Wednesday, October 7, 2009

baby shower surprise

my mummy's group threw an impromptu baby shower for the first one of us to have their 2nd baby. we know it's a baby girl & i still have the pink paper decorations up from mirka's birthday party, so it seemed like an easy decision to have it at my place. i picked up some cheap bunches of mixed roses and how great do they look with their stems cut really short & placed in small jars. i tell you, as much as i love the big oriental lilies & tulips, it's hard to beat the often overlooked, little mixed bunches of roses, for bang for your buck. 3 x 7 dollars. 21 dollars people! how good is that?! everyone baked or bought something delicious to share & i made a quick batch of chocolate cupcakes & chocolate yo-yos. of course i served them up on my favourite poketo plates. i really should keep my eye out for some more.. maybe i'll engineer a drive past safari living on the weekend, which is where i bought these ones from. they also stock missoni fabrics and oh how i'd love a missoni throw blanket. or towels. i could settle for towels. one day. one day.

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