Sunday, October 25, 2009

my place & yours: bedside

and now i'm up to date. the theme for my place and yours this week is from pottymouthmama who chose 'bedside'. some might think that i have the most boring bedside ever, but that's the way i like it. at least at the moment while i'm not reading anything. by the time i crawl in to bed, sleep is pretty much instantaneous. and there's a good reason why my bedside hasn't got anything on it.. it's the place i put the extra pillows from our bed when we're not using them.

i made six of these cubes in an elective at uni.. i think it was called object design.. anyways, my design was to create storage without wasting materials, so the six cubes were made from one sheet of 25mm mdf with zero wastage, which were then finished in 2-pac.. and there's a whole other story.. driving my 1984 mitsubishi colt, percy, with the six cubes jiggling around in the back, from the uni workshops out to the painter in 35 degree heat.. i think i made quite the 'poor student' entrance with black smoke blowing out percy's exhaust because they charged me almost nothing to do the 2-pac. lucky break.


  1. Woweee! You totally take the prize for the neatest bedside! That is so cool that you made those cubes.

    I still drive a 1984 model car - but it's not a colt - 1984 was a very good year involving a lot of Madonna and Prince for me. So it befits me, I think.

    That's lovely fabric on that pillow, too! Thanks for playing - I've never been here before and it is nice! x

  2. beautiful pillows!
    and i love your cube and the accompanying story.

  3. kk your 'student furniture' was never the grungy mismatched stuff most people had! your cubes and the blackboard dining table and the framed student artworks are as stylish as ever.
    xx jacq


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