Monday, October 26, 2009

daylesford treasures

we drove up to daylesford yesterday for a friend's birthday breakfast.. this friend doesn't live in daylesford, nor did they spend the weekend there.. they just decided it would be fun to all meet up there for breakfast and fun it was. i had already decided that i wanted to rummage around in some second hand shops after breakfast, so imagine my delight when we drove past the daylesford bazaar with all that junk out the front. the blue drawers have a nice form & showed promise from the footpath (and at $20, the price was right!), but up close they needed a lot of love & that's a lot of love i don't have to give. moving on, i was quite taken by the little white & yellow cannister and almost bought it for $7, but ended up getting sidetracked by something else (more about that in a future post). if i was a thermos kind of girl, then i would have snapped up the huge pale pink thermos with that awesome retro flower print in multi-coloured stripes for $12. after i had rummaged & left happy with my purchases in hand, we decided to check out 'the mill'.. another 2nd hand place and if you want to know how to get there, then turn left at the roundabout and follow some signs! they were the directions given to us by our birthday friend, worthy of a true local and not some city slicker, no? anyways, these are some of the treasures i spotted at the mill.. it seems that i really do like me some yellow.


  1. hi hi captain. loving the regular posts! i like the yellow too ... there were those naf yellow vinyl dining chairs too ... naf but fun. that brekky was good wasn't it ... still feel full! Chowder House was the place ... and what a quirky little thing how he sits and reads the quiz out to everyone. cheers, husband.

  2. kk, I met up with your lovely friend shelley at the balmain art show (beautiful italian posters- I can see you with her vespa girl!) and i found an artist you would like, peter morgan-jones. he had some pieces that were a bit rosalie gascoine using timber soft drink crates- you'd love the yellow one xx jacq

  3. hi, i am the artist peter Morgan-Jones 0406 380 329


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