Friday, October 9, 2009

follow me

come on.. follow me down the rabbit hole for a minute or two. so, a few days ago, the latest sneak peek on design sponge caught my eye. the sneak peek section is by far my favourite. anyways, while loving the apartment's architecture, interiors & styling, the little artworks on the background joinery caught my eye. right when i thought "ow-ah, what are they?" i glanced down to the comment and my question was answered. i clicked on the happy red link that said toonpoot & look at the treasures i found..

at first i thought my favourite was the bottom one, but now i'm wondering how i will live without the top one.. all those moody greys & blues are seductive and there's something really calming about the compostition.. at least to me. of course by the time i've taken to do this post, the lovely team at seesaw has already posted about these awesome paintings too. you can see their post here.

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