Friday, October 30, 2009

happy halloween

happy halloween! what a difference a year makes.. look at how much bigger this year's 'm' onesie is. i bought the little ghostie onesie last year when mirka was only 7 weeks old. we had a halloween party & mirka seemed to love getting passed around for a cuddle, but we did feel like bad parents when we unswaddled her in the morning & found more and more crumbs! i'm not feeling so energetic this year, so no party for us, but, so i can still have a bit of fun with halloween, i ordered a few goodies from etsy. first up, this year's outfit for mirka is another black onesie, but this time with the letter 'm' in a sweet polka dot fabric. you have to picture it with her stripey black & white leggins, but you get the idea. i also ordered a kooky spider headband, as modeled on the fabulous cushion made by kingsley. i think my favourite is the fabric basket for trick or treating. we had some orange candles out on the front verandah last year to welcome our guests as they arrived and were surprised at how many little trick or treaters we had knock on our door. i've already got a huge bowl of chocolate treats ready to go.. the hard part will be stopping the husband from eating them tonight.

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  1. good grief, haven't even given it a thought and here you are talking about last year's party and this year's costumes! i'll grab some lovely sweet snacks on the off-chance someone comes to our door! clifton hill doesn't really seem to rock halloween the way it should! have fun. x


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