Sunday, October 4, 2009

new challenge

it's sunday morning & the husband has got "the humpty dance" by digital underground playing.. if you don't know it, think m.c. hammer.. anyway it reminded me how a couple of years ago, oprah sent gayle along to a new york hip hop dance school to learn some new moves.. let's just say it made for some pretty funny tv and even funnier was when i showed my new moves to the husband.. and funnier again was when i showed them to kingsley while she was visiting. i think i remember her ending up in hysterics and on the floor. why would i tell you this? well it's good to try something new and on that note i'm thinking one of three things..

one. spanish lessons.. hola! good for when we get around to travelling to spain, mexico, cuba, south america etc.

two. life drawing classes. i'm not a great drawer & i think this would be a good way for me to get some skills.

three. casual dance classes. no, not ballroom. not salsa, although that would also be handy for travelling to spanish speaking countries. no, the kind of dancing i'm thinking is real hot bitches. what? well, think lots of girls dressed in 80s fluoro gear, who probably can't really dance, bustin out their best dance floor moves. now, this last option would take a lot of courage, but it does look crazy fun. maybe when kingsley nexts visits we'll strike up the courage together.

so peops, which option? and don't just say number three because you'll get a laff out of it. which one should be my next challenge?

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  1. can you be a real hot bitch who speaks spanish?! i've got a friend whose been putting some lovely 80's pics up on facebook recently, the hair, the head bands, all there - not the lycra - thank god! but seriously, you seem like a bit of an achiever...go for both! and so disappointed to miss friday's gig.


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