Sunday, October 25, 2009

my place & yours: on the shelf

yep, i'm late to join this one, but better late than never, right? i found out about this themed blogging idea through the lovely shelley from femme de montmartre. each week someone new comes up with a theme that fits within the meme of 'my place & yours'. the first one from last week was 'on the shelf' & funnily enough it made me realise that i don't actually have any open shelves inside and the studio is way too messy to photograph. well, we do have a shower shelf, but who wants to look at my shampoo? so here is my bedroom 'shelf'. a few framed favourite photos from our wedding, an attempt at my own bill henson-esque shot of the sydney opera house, mirka's footprint from father's day and a big k & t. home.


  1. yay! i was really hoping you'd be joining in. i knew you'd have lovely, interesting things to share. loving the photos....and the letters.....and the footprint....and the all around romantic, loving, family feel, captain! x


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