Wednesday, October 14, 2009

porcelain treasure

ok. so no blog post from me since friday. bad captain. is there anyone still there or have i lost you? i did have a plan.. i'm always thinking about what to post next.. it's quite addictive this blogging business.. it was going to be a post on some sweet little artworks i bought ages ago by ashley g, but they are still sitting on the dining table waiting to be photographed, so change of plans...

i saw this ceramic, old pharmacy style bottle (the one on the right) from pigeon toe ceramics on design sponge last week and all i have to say is tempting. very tempting. for those of you not watching the aussie dollar like gordon gecko would watch his shares, let me just tell you that it's up. over 90 cents up and that means only one thing. it's time to hit etsy. hard.

the ceramic milk style bottle on the left (above) is by alyssa ettinga & available through supermarket hq or etsy.. another awesome site. anyways, if that wasn't enough ceramic candy for you, design alphabet featured the beautiful wares (below) by australian, samantha robinson.. and they're really beautiful right? so tempting.


  1. that pharmacy bottle is really beautiful...!

  2. you know I just saw those amazing coloured porcelain bowls in a shop window but it was night time so I couldn't find out who had made them- thank you! they have traditional patterns but different ones inside and out and a beautiful loose hand made shape.

  3. oo.. what store was that? a friend is in sydney this week & is disappointed they will miss out buying some of these from the paddington markets on the weekend.


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