Thursday, October 8, 2009

rolling on

13 months old. not only has the big 12 month marker been and gone, but mirka is already another month older again.. we're rolling on into the 2nd year & we have to stop ourselves from saying "baby mirka".  so here are the official 13 month old portrait photos of mirka on the eames rocker, as originally inspired by nicole at making it lovely. you can see the previous ones here, here, here & here if you feel like it.

things are moving on in our household. i'm going back to work 2 days a week while mirka will be in child care. we've been having practice days, building up the length of time with each day and so far so good. at first it felt quite weird to not have mirka with me.. my little friend & happy companion for the past year, but i have to say that i have been loving. loving. my baby free time! it came as quite a surprise and this is going to sound terrible, but pure joy is what i felt when i realised i could do whatever i wanted. just me. whatever i wanted! even if it was just for a few hours. it even inspired me to take myself off to the movies on sunday arvo. i saw julie & julia on my own.. well i had a hu-mungus box of maltesers for company because i am a little piggy, but yes, i loved it. loved the movie and loved my little excursion. joy.


  1. congrats 'baby mirka' and congrats to 'mirka's mama' for the next step in your lives. this is a gorgeous post. milestones, gotta embrace them. x

  2. thanks shelley :) by the way, i think you would love the movie julie & julia.. food, love, paris & blogging - what could be better?


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