Monday, November 30, 2009

a country wedding

we're back from a long weekend away.  everyone loves a wedding right? and what a beautiful wedding it was. not only are the bride & groom new parents, (to my gorgeous new nephew thanks very much), but they also organised a very personal & relaxed wedding. the ceremony was held in the late afternoon overlooking the river and then the reception followed straight after.. all at a local winery, with the reception under an outdoor area covered with lush grapevine. the guys arrived by boat, the girls looked fabulous & mirka looked after the seating arrangements. i bought mirka's sweet little dress from the recent sisters market i went to, from keiki designs. happy times.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

delizia cucina in seddon

yum. the great, great rosina (who, when told she would be a great grandmother, said she was already great, so is now a great, great-grandmother! and otherwise now known as gg) arrived in town yesterday, so we all went out to dinner at delizia cucina in seddon. i had scrumptious chicken breast with tomato goodness for my main & you know i had dessert.. flourless chocolate cake for me & the husband had a frangelico & espresso dessert with vanilla bean ice-cream. they always have fantastic mid-week specials, so we enjoyed 2 courses, plus a wine & coffee for $35 each and so did a lot of other people.. the place was packed.. what down-turn??

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

my place & yours: my collection

two worlds collide. well, that's a little dramatic, but for ages i've been wanting to do a post on all the lovely tea towels out there. all my lovely tea towels & others i'm yet to add to my collection. yes, that's right, it hit me like a whack to the head with a block of 2x4, but i finally realised what i could post as my contribution to this week's my place & yours theme. tea towels! these black & white ones are some of my favourites. there's the one from heide, the awesome zig-zag one from the near future and my happy 't' towel from spin spin handmade. i have quite a few more tea towels, but for now i'll just post these ones.. oh and one more.. i don't have this one, but it's nice, yes? this one is from pony rider and i love that it's size is somewhere between a napkin & tea towel because i hate that i have to fold my lovelies in half to hang on the stupid curved handle on the oven. pfff. curves!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

shake it

i'm one lucky lady. i went in to the guest bedroom only to discover a little wrapped present left as a thankyou gift from kingsley for having her as our house guest recently. kingsley & i were shopping in fitzroy and after checking out the exhibition of kat mcleod's amazing drawings (or are they more collages?) at the tiny lamington drive gallery, we stopped in next door at third drawer down. kingsley decided to buy this gorgeous yellow tea towel, while i did a quick circuit  & then waited outside under a big shady tree with the little one in the pram.. which is when i'm guessing the clever kingsley sneakily purchased these awesome salt & pepper bone shakers. we've never had any salt & pepper shakers because i've never been able to find any i really like, but that's all fixed now because i love these creepy little bones!

update: i forgot to add the details of the designer.

Friday, November 20, 2009

my place & yours: through the front door

yep, just like the lovely shelley, i love coming home. this week's theme is through the front door as part of pip's meme, over at meet me at mikes and this is my take on it.. i was running out of time to make it in this week, so i quickly grabbed the camera this afternoon after i arrived home, turned around and walked back out the front door.. only to be followed by the mirka monster and quickly. at first she pushed the chair along like her own personal zimmer frame and when that wasn't quick enough she abandoned it in the middle of the hallway and grabbed the little sofa cushion instead and pushed that down the hall after me. man, she loves pushing that cushion around at the moment. i had to keep throwing it  back down the hallway to stop her busting out on to the front verandah, so these are my photos in the 3 seconds i had each time before she returned with the cushion. let me just say that it needs one hell of a wash now because i didn't always succeed in stopping her before she had dragged it outside. anyways, what else? well, i love my concrete pot of succulents by the front door, the fact that i can see straight through to the garden when i open the front door and my new soft grey heels from the road cast off next to the sofa where i left them when i got home. for me, home = shoes off + relax, craig damrauer style, as seen on the inside out blog. yeah.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

fly me to the moon

and let me be forever yours. yeah it's a bit schmultzy, but it's one of my favourite songs & reminds me of our fabulous wedding.. which is why i literally did a double take when i was walking past panel pop in fitzroy recently and saw this artwork in the window by lindsay blamey. you can also see it here.  uncannily, it also lists many of the cities that make our hearts smile because we've either lived there or went there on our honeymoon. darling kiss me.

i also really like the 2 other artworks. the one in the top right looks like all the houses around our neighbourhood & i'm always drawn to scenes like the one in the bottom right. the familiar and the urban.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

lonesome road

boo. kingsley left this evening. leaving on a jet plane. now it's back to lonesome town for me. well, i've always got the husband, but he doesn't dance around the lounge room & have me in hysterics with high kicks.. or traipse around melbourne with me to every market going. we went to three alone last saturday. it's market open season at the moment & i love it. anyways, we were all in the car, stopped in traffic when we had one of those nice moments in time when everything seems to stop.. a bit like when an ambulance goes past.. and we all seemed to turn and notice the lonesome road folk coffee lounge at the same time. it's location is totally under seige on a busy road and definitely not somewhere you would like to sit outside for your morning coffee, but i likes. i likes alot.


all the better to eat you with! my friend russell bryant, that is, leo to his friends, is one creative powerhouse. not busy enough organising his first exhibition, he has also been busy making wolf heads. from scratch. out the back of jimmy watson's wine bar in carlton, you'll find a great little shop full of vintage treasures. the entry is off miller lane & if you're not sure, just look for the 2.5m high painted wolf silhouette. i particularly liked the simple industrial touches, cowboy boots & twiggy wall hooks. i love those little hooks. most of these photos were taken by the talented kingsley, who took a liking to the little brown handbag on the wolf in the blue dress.

Monday, November 16, 2009

cafe sette bello

it seems i've got myself a little tradition going. before each cwc talk, bright & early on a saturday morning every couple of months, i grab a quick coffee & slice of me-time at cafe sette bello in the city. corner hardware lane & little bourke street. it's nice no? and you know how i love a touch of canary yellow. kingsley was with me this time around & how much is she kickin it in her new  patent yellow sandals from sedonia and stripey dress from meet me at mikes? happy.

Sette Bello on Urbanspoon

Friday, November 13, 2009

market goodies

so here are the market goodies from last saturday's sisters market in brunswick. i bought the little fabric button earrings from pinky pig and decided to wear them straight away. when the husband noticed them when i got home, he asked if i knew they were different.. yes husband! one can't be too matchy-matchy. next up i bumped into the lovely tess, who also organises the cwc & the great talks every couple of months.. and then i had a really funny bloggy experience.. i recognised spin spin's awesome graphics at the next stall (i love my spin spin 't' towel), so then i said "hello, are you spin spin? i'm captain kk"(!) what a ridiculous thing for me to say! when i relayed the story to the husband, he burst out laughing. i wasn't acting crazy, it's just that we had never met in person before and only knew each other through our blogs. we had a good old chat and i am now the proud owner of a gorgeous charcoal & blue tea towel, while kingsley is taking home the bright pink & red tea towel. it seems that i have become quite the tea towel addict & then went on to buy another gorgeous christmas-y one from elly oak along with some christmas cards. i love a good christmas card & can't wait til the first of december to send out this year's batch.

update: i realised that i didn't credit the sweet little outfit by oishi-m that i bought for mirka.

cwc talk tomorrow

quick, quick post today. i'm off to the next cwc talk tomorrow before hitting three different markets in the afternoon. yarraville, seddon & flemington are all on tomorrow and i'm yet to show you the goodies from last weekend's market in brunswick. looks like i've got some bloggin' to do tonight.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

the great tart-off of spring '09

it started innocently enough.. "let's meet for a picnic" i suggested at russell's exhibition opening.. great idea.. sunday?.. let's make it a brunch.. and then it began..

"i'll bake my special lime tart with raspberries on top." says kingsley.
"well, i'll bake my berry tart" says russell, also known as leo, who, not to be out-done, actually baked two!

and so the tart-off was set for sunday brunch. yum.

update: kingsley just reminded me that i should have called it the great inaugural tart-off because it was the first of many to come. all i've got to say is i don't mind having to taste (devour) more than one delicious tart to help decide on the winner.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

14 months portrait on the eames rocker

you know the drill right? monthly portrait. eames rocker. so what's new? our little gracie girl is now standing on her own & is very pleased with herself when she does. she stands up & claps her little hands to celebrate her new found strength. pretty funny. oh yeah.. and she loves her friend in the mirror.. it's one of her favourite stops on her circuit. first stop is her drawer (the bottom kitchen drawer that we've emptied just for her to squirrel away whatever treasure she collects from around the house). second stop is the mirror. stand up. sit down. watch herself babbling away. tap tap tap.. is anyone there on the other side? ha! just realised the same could be said about me typing away here tonight. her little bracelet is from vivi & kingsley, who had her name engraved on it for her first birthday. i love her bright orange & white bonds romper.. you can get one here.

get to it

so many blog ideas.. so little time to write them. i'm home after a day in the office.. it's funny how i always expect to be exhausted after being in the office all day, but normally end up feeling quite energised.. i guess i must like this being-an-architect business & feeling like i know stuff. anyway, the baby, oops, sorry.. i mean little girl, is asleep, the husband is out & the house is quiet, that is, until kingsley arrives with some thai for dinner, so surely i can get some bloggin' done tonight.. market goodies, a sunday picnic tart-off, the latest 'my place & yours', the overdue 14 month portrait on the eames and all the new stock in kingsley's etsy shop. hmm. i think i'll get started with the portrait. next.

Friday, November 6, 2009

ashley g cuteness

i've been meaning to photograph & share these cute artworks for ages.. these are the first items i bought from etsy early last year and represent the real start of my love affair with online shopping.  not a bad place to start hey? i really must frame them and get them up on display.. probably in mirka's bedroom me thinks. anyway, they remind me quite a lot of christina gordon's art & a little of ghost patrol's work. (read lucy's interview on the design files with ghost patrol here). they are actually by ashley g, an awesome american artist who says;

"I have loved arts, crafts, creatures, and nature my entire life. I enjoy focusing on portraiture and capturing a brief moment in time. My artwork tends to be simple, but with a sophisticated or stark color palette. I believe great emotion can be conveyed in a simple gesture or look. The characters I create, whether monsters or little girls, are simple, humorous, empathetic, and a little bit pathetic."

you can read more here if you want. ashley also has a website called ashley g and drew & blog called kitty genius. sweet.

update: i forgot to say that i think the little guy in a cape is my favourite.. it's called 'even superheroes need a break'.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

eye spy

an exhibition invite arrived in the post from my good friend russell, also known as leo.. and now it's brightening up my desk. the opening is tomorrow night at 6:30pm at the jackman gallery in stkilda if you would like to come along. the exhibition is called 'thursday night nudes' and it features a group of 6 artists & no doubt friends who meet each thursday for a life drawing studio. we have been harassing russell for years to have an exhibition & now here it is. he is one talented artist, illustrator, sculptor & cook that russell.. even if he won't share his grandmother's secret rice pudding recipe.

Monday, November 2, 2009

my place & yours: blog hq

ok, so this week's theme is blog hq by ninon & here is my contribution.. this is where i do my bloggin'.. the desk is in our main living area & i love it like this. i think you're either a computer in a separate room kind-of-person or an all-in-together kind of person. at least this way i can be a little social while i'm well & truly down the rabbit hole. i had the white 2-pac desk top custom made by a local cabinet maker to sit on top of a pair of trestle legs that i bought through corporate culture, a few years ago now. they weren't that expensive, but there are times when being an architect rocks & getting a trade discount is one of them. anyways, if you'd like to know the mini details.. i bought the iconic planet lamp from chapel street bazaar, the classic kristian vedel bird was bought from the amazing moma store in nyc,  the gorgeous folded book sculpture was a gift from my good friend russell & the tiny cup of pebbles is a reminder of our honeymoon in positano. desk.

pumpkin pie

yum. there's nothing wrong with a little slice of pumpkin pie for breakfast right? don't be shocked.. it's not like i haven't mentioned before that i'm a little piggy. i've never had pumpkin pie before & never imagined it could be so good. so, so, good. after writing in my last post that we wouldn't be having a party this year, i couldn't help myself & at the last minute put out the call that we would have an impromptu halloween thing. after all, i had all the awesome decorations sent from vivi in new orleans to use. best of all was the huge cobweb that we stretched over the front verandah and which looked really creepy in the wind. oh yeah and i still have to take that down before the neighbours call the council. so, back to the pumpkin pie.. a friend declared it a 10 out of 10 hit. who knew that pumpkin pie was a sweet, delicious, caramel, slightly spicy version of a custard tart? the talented kingsley made the jack-o-lantern & we used his brains to make the pie. gory.

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