Tuesday, November 10, 2009

14 months portrait on the eames rocker

you know the drill right? monthly portrait. eames rocker. so what's new? our little gracie girl is now standing on her own & is very pleased with herself when she does. she stands up & claps her little hands to celebrate her new found strength. pretty funny. oh yeah.. and she loves her friend in the mirror.. it's one of her favourite stops on her circuit. first stop is her drawer (the bottom kitchen drawer that we've emptied just for her to squirrel away whatever treasure she collects from around the house). second stop is the mirror. stand up. sit down. watch herself babbling away. tap tap tap.. is anyone there on the other side? ha! just realised the same could be said about me typing away here tonight. her little bracelet is from vivi & kingsley, who had her name engraved on it for her first birthday. i love her bright orange & white bonds romper.. you can get one here.

1 comment:

  1. with a reflection like that who wouldn't want to check themselves out every now and again?! loving the bracelet too. x


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