Monday, November 16, 2009

cafe sette bello

it seems i've got myself a little tradition going. before each cwc talk, bright & early on a saturday morning every couple of months, i grab a quick coffee & slice of me-time at cafe sette bello in the city. corner hardware lane & little bourke street. it's nice no? and you know how i love a touch of canary yellow. kingsley was with me this time around & how much is she kickin it in her new  patent yellow sandals from sedonia and stripey dress from meet me at mikes? happy.

Sette Bello on Urbanspoon


  1. Hadn't heard of sette bello before...great find! Will def be dropping...
    And as for the canary yellow sandles - heaven!

  2. Ohh, looks so good - what planet have i been on? Hope CWC was good. I missed this one :(


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