Tuesday, November 10, 2009

get to it

so many blog ideas.. so little time to write them. i'm home after a day in the office.. it's funny how i always expect to be exhausted after being in the office all day, but normally end up feeling quite energised.. i guess i must like this being-an-architect business & feeling like i know stuff. anyway, the baby, oops, sorry.. i mean little girl, is asleep, the husband is out & the house is quiet, that is, until kingsley arrives with some thai for dinner, so surely i can get some bloggin' done tonight.. market goodies, a sunday picnic tart-off, the latest 'my place & yours', the overdue 14 month portrait on the eames and all the new stock in kingsley's etsy shop. hmm. i think i'll get started with the portrait. next.

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