Thursday, November 12, 2009

the great tart-off of spring '09

it started innocently enough.. "let's meet for a picnic" i suggested at russell's exhibition opening.. great idea.. sunday?.. let's make it a brunch.. and then it began..

"i'll bake my special lime tart with raspberries on top." says kingsley.
"well, i'll bake my berry tart" says russell, also known as leo, who, not to be out-done, actually baked two!

and so the tart-off was set for sunday brunch. yum.

update: kingsley just reminded me that i should have called it the great inaugural tart-off because it was the first of many to come. all i've got to say is i don't mind having to taste (devour) more than one delicious tart to help decide on the winner.

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