Friday, November 13, 2009

market goodies

so here are the market goodies from last saturday's sisters market in brunswick. i bought the little fabric button earrings from pinky pig and decided to wear them straight away. when the husband noticed them when i got home, he asked if i knew they were different.. yes husband! one can't be too matchy-matchy. next up i bumped into the lovely tess, who also organises the cwc & the great talks every couple of months.. and then i had a really funny bloggy experience.. i recognised spin spin's awesome graphics at the next stall (i love my spin spin 't' towel), so then i said "hello, are you spin spin? i'm captain kk"(!) what a ridiculous thing for me to say! when i relayed the story to the husband, he burst out laughing. i wasn't acting crazy, it's just that we had never met in person before and only knew each other through our blogs. we had a good old chat and i am now the proud owner of a gorgeous charcoal & blue tea towel, while kingsley is taking home the bright pink & red tea towel. it seems that i have become quite the tea towel addict & then went on to buy another gorgeous christmas-y one from elly oak along with some christmas cards. i love a good christmas card & can't wait til the first of december to send out this year's batch.

update: i realised that i didn't credit the sweet little outfit by oishi-m that i bought for mirka.


  1. nice goodies, captain! i think it is very unfair that your little girl allows you to shop...the little blokes make it very difficult for this mama to do any type of shopping at all. anyway, enough of that. i had a similar experience with susan (isn't she lovely?) and i think that the little, little bloke has a similar top to mirka's new one, but it's purple and black - he may have even been wearing it when he destroyed your place that time!!! x

  2. im with you shelley - shopping with 2 boys (actually even when i had only 1 boy!) is an activity to be done at lightning speed with the bribe of a biscuit from the bakery at the slow browsing at a market.
    but great shopping finds again KK - you should start up a personal shopper business - instead of buying peoples clothes, you buy their loved ones birthday and christmas presents for them...CAPTAIN KK SAVES THE BIRTHDAY! lulu

  3. thanks everyone :) my secret is leaving the little one at home with daddy, while i run away!

  4. Cool - I didn't have enough of a look around at the market, now I know what I missed out on! Lovely to meet you guys too and so glad you did introduce yourself - I know how odd it feels to say such things!


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