Friday, November 20, 2009

my place & yours: through the front door

yep, just like the lovely shelley, i love coming home. this week's theme is through the front door as part of pip's meme, over at meet me at mikes and this is my take on it.. i was running out of time to make it in this week, so i quickly grabbed the camera this afternoon after i arrived home, turned around and walked back out the front door.. only to be followed by the mirka monster and quickly. at first she pushed the chair along like her own personal zimmer frame and when that wasn't quick enough she abandoned it in the middle of the hallway and grabbed the little sofa cushion instead and pushed that down the hall after me. man, she loves pushing that cushion around at the moment. i had to keep throwing it  back down the hallway to stop her busting out on to the front verandah, so these are my photos in the 3 seconds i had each time before she returned with the cushion. let me just say that it needs one hell of a wash now because i didn't always succeed in stopping her before she had dragged it outside. anyways, what else? well, i love my concrete pot of succulents by the front door, the fact that i can see straight through to the garden when i open the front door and my new soft grey heels from the road cast off next to the sofa where i left them when i got home. for me, home = shoes off + relax, craig damrauer style, as seen on the inside out blog. yeah.


  1. i will especially love seeing our garden from the front door soon, captain, 'cause we are getting it decked for c'mas!!!! yee-haaaaaa! so happy. your pics are gorgeous. i am loving the chair and the cushion in the hallway. that little mirka! and the pic at the front door, looking through the green leaves is beautiful. thanks captain. x

  2. Oooohhhhh you have a nice house!! and a nice blog! thanks for stopping by! The rollar skates are more for the prettyness factor than my (in)ability to skate! and the rectangle planter is an esky found roadside! *s*

  3. the photo of the green leaves in the foreground was set up to be much nicer with the leaves actually in focus, but the monster was already on the doorstep (hidden behind one of the leaves) and ready to burst out on to the verandah & over the edge!

  4. Your house looks lovely. Have you been slowly renovating it, or did it come that way? Or did you do it all in one clever dash? You're an architect right?

  5. dear Captain,

    please pretty pleeeease can I do a 'Melbourne home tour' featuring your place sometime this year!? I had an inkling it would be gorgeous and now I am convinced!!

    Let me know! Lucy xxxx


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